April 5, 2002
A Big Day for Jim!

We start out by taking Jim up in the RANS and let him fly it a bit.

Afterwards I take a few interesting pictures near the beach.
  * Interesting photo 1
  * Interesting photo 2
  * Interesting photo 3
  * Interesting photo 4
  * Interesting photo 5

... and, as the sun sets, it's time to set her down...

  * Sunset

... BUT! Jim is there, sitting in his "new" Challenger, looking like he's ready to take off on his first solo flight (the only kind there can be in a single-seater!)

Jim warming up the Challenger

... and I decide to take off after he does and take pictures of him in the air...

  Challenger picture 2
  Challenger picture 3
  Challenger picture 4
  Challenger picture 5
  Challenger picture 6
  Challenger picture 7
  Challenger picture 8

... I decide to land to capture his triumphant return...

  Challenger picture 9
  Challenger picture 10
  Challenger picture 11
  Challenger picture 12

... a big day for Jim!