The solid colored lines represent my flight path... The dashed lines are my
brothers flight path. We met up at Lockhart and had the same path as we
flew around Wimberley and New Braunfels. On the way back, he accompanied
me for most of the trip, then peeled off when I was only about 20 minutes away
from West Houston. He made it back to Bailes just as the sun was setting.

Solid red = my flight to Lockhart
blue = my and Jims flight to Wimberley, then down to New Braunfels
green = my and Jims flight back to Lockhart
purple = my flight back to West Houston (and Jim, 80% of the way)
grey = Jim's flight to Hallettsville, then on to Lockhart
yellow = Jim's flight track back to Bailes

Click here for a detail map of the Lockhart/Wimberley/New Braunfels area.