Texas-Flyer Site History

This concept for this site was originally manifested as a standard HTML web site created sometime in the year 2000.  As I started my ultralight training, I realized that I wanted to record my experiences.  To tell stories and show pictures, I used an HTML function called frames.  I got a lot of positive feedback on this method but, alas, the people that control the HTML language decided a few years ago to deprecate ‘frames’ and so fewer and fewer browsers will support it.  Few tablets or smartphones can view it at all.

I’ll freely admit:  my primary purpose in recording these images and stories is so that, if/when I get to the point where I can no longer fly, I will at least have these memories that will, in essence, let me fly again.

I continued the original HTML website for about 8 years, but my banner year for stories and adventures was in 2002.  And then in 2006, I was invited by the Houston Chronicle to start a “readers blog”, and I starting writing more frequently about light aviation topics, but they were short blurbs and not really adventure stories.  Those articles went from February 2, 2006 until my last entry on October 30, 2011.  (The primary link for those articles is http://blog.chron.com/lightflight, but many of the older articles are hard to access so here is a separate page with direct links to them all. [quite unfinished at the moment])

The trajectory of the various aircraft I’ve owned from 2000-2017 also had rough patches where I didn’t fly much, so the stories ended in 2008.  (2008, as you may remember, was also the beginning of the Great Recession, and it had a major effect on my life, resulting is a lot less flying.)  My only regret was that I didn’t write anything about my experience with the Gyrobee, yet I did write 3 articles about my transition training, and I will eventually include those on this site.

The other, major aspect of the old web site was the method of displaying photos, as I mentioned above.  I used (to great effect, IMO) the frames paradigm, and put the stories on the left-side frame, and when a link in the story was clicked, the photo appeared in the right-side frame.  I really liked this, and got a lot of very positive comments about that method of story-telling.  Because ‘frames’ were deprecated, at this point in time (Dec 2017), I decided that I would like to add more stories, but figured continuing the web site using the old technology was a bad idea.  So, I’m moving on, using WordPress and a theme that struck me as being fairly good.  Now it reads more like a traditional magazine.

I don’t think it’s as good, but sometimes one does have to move on.  🙁



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