A Big Day for Jim!

April 5, 2002

This is the day that Jim will solo, for the first time, in his new Challenger!  We start out by taking him up in the RANS and let him fly it a bit.

After I land and he’s taking care of some final details with the new plane, I take off again and take a few interesting pictures near the beach.

… and, as the sun sets, it’s time to set her down…

… BUT!

Jim is there, sitting in his “new” Challenger, looking like he’s ready to take off on his first solo flight (the only kind there can be in a single-seater!)  Here he is, warming up the Challenger

… and I decide to take off after he does and take pictures of him in the air…

… I then decide to land to capture his triumphant return…

… a big day for Jim!




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